Collage using 5 images and a piece of text that I associate with “Montagues And Capulets”

When it came to doing the collage, I decided to create a digital image using images sourced from, and my chosen text for the collage is “Dance of the Knights” – which is the alternate title of my chosen piece. I inserted the text into the image which portrays the feeling, the text is jumbled and full of motion.
The images used (5) are images that use colour and motion to convey the orchestrated and many-layered composition. The out-of-focus point approach shows the song is continuously changing, and moving, and is unpredictable, just like the play it was written for, A romance between images and text, a romance between Romeo and Juliet.

"Dance of the Knights" Visual Collage inspired by my chosen piece of music.


~ by Ashleigh Inglis on April 16, 2010.

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