Collage using images only for my chosen sound “Montagues and Capulets”

Image I used for my collage

I used an image I took last year (underwater photography) to illustrate how I feel when I listen to my chosen song. I picked this image because of the dreamy, almost oil-painting like quality, which is the same kinda pictures I see when I think about “Montagues And Capulets” It helps tell the story of a Romance between two people, but using my ideas of Colour perception (Synesthesia) i’ve shown the romance between warm and cool colours to give the same effect. Since my chosen piece is part of a ballet which has multiple parts, I created this blurred image to stir interest, you want to see whats going on, what is going to happen, but you won’t until you hear the rest of the ballet.


~ by Ashleigh Inglis on April 16, 2010.

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