Montagues and Capulets – The First Score

With my first attempt at trying to convey a sound into a visual image, I decided to go with the most uncontrolled way of applying a medium to a surface. I used Indian Ink in different quantities to portray the rise and fall of the music, the quiet and loud and the powerful and weak dropped from various heights.

I chose firstly to do it in black ink before trying colour because I felt like I needed to get a firm idea of how to the apply ink to get the desired effect, and what kind of space considerations I’d need, a result of my first score is that it longer than two metres of paper. I’ve decided in more drawings of Montagues and Capulets to compress the drawings down to a smaller scale, (although it can be argued that an orchestrated piece is considered an epic) to do the full song justice, the bigger score is just too big.

After learning these various points, i’ve decided after this first score to move onto colour, to work with my ideas of Synesthesia, and colour associations.


~ by Ashleigh Inglis on April 15, 2010.

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