How i’m going to express how I hear/see my chosen sound:

When it comes to expressing my chosen sound on paper/digitally, i’m very interested in working with colour and shape.
Montagues and Capulets is a very dark, atmospheric piece, and the challenge of creating images that run parallel with the ideas in the composition is very attractive.

I’ve chosen to do a mixture of 1/2 Digital graphical representations, and 1/2 physical paper/collage/drawings – perhaps in later stages I will mix the two to create my own composition.

So, in choosing to work with colour, i’m working with ideas of Synesthesia and movement, motion and how fate deals with perception.

If needed, I will work towards a suitable colour palette, and at this stage, the images have no fixed size. But when it comes to my composition for my own sound work, scale of drawings will need to be considered to create a sound long enough. Different colours will compliment different sounds and tones, sizes of lines, splodges, and dots etc.


~ by Ashleigh Inglis on April 13, 2010.

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